Winter is Ending: Apogaea Effigy Fundraiser

Winter is Ending: Apogaea Effigy Fundraiser

The mother of Draco and Josh Blizzard cordially invites you to celebrate the end of the long winter. The white walkers have been defeated and we are throwing a grand gala fit for a king to usher in a new golden age of springtime revelry! Finally…Winter is Ending!

Or is it? We will have a large outdoor tent to more heated party space to keep you toasty! Dress in your most rugged furs and garb of the great white north to enjoy outdoor art installations and fire performance. All proceeds will help Draco to rise this summer at Apogaea as the 2019 Effigy.

Line up: Whomp Truck Family (more artist TBA)

Fire Performance: TBA

Aerial Performance by :
M Spectacle
Vertical Fusion

Raffle featuring local artist

About Draco’s Nest:
The dragon slain by Minerva in the Titan War, has fallen from the heavens and been buried over countless decades. Draco’s nest is the only remaining relic of this majestic celestial being. Though he has been nearly forgotten, the spirit of Draco returns for one final flagrant spectacle. Draco is a dazzling constellation that can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere in the summer. Once designated the north star, the brightest star in the constellation is coincidentally called Gamma Draconis! Draco’s nest abstracts one of the most classic representations of fire, the dragon to celebrate our deep connection to the element. Our Effigy is both warming and inviting space with the thrill and epicness of fire in 360 degrees. Here, Draco has many surprises in store with evolving pyro performances planned, building up to a grand effigy performance on Saturday night.

About Apogaea:
Apogaea is the regional Colorado Burning Man event, taking place every year in June. Art, performance, sustainability, radical inclusion, and radical self-reliance. Join us, all are welcome! Here you will find an experiential forum where our ever-expanding community practices freedom of expression in an environment of participation, sharing, and creativity. We invite you to join us in a place where our spirits are as high as the mountains and our minds are as wide open as the plains!