Viking Ninja White Belt Certification

Viking Ninja White Belt Certification

Accept the challenge and dive into the Viking Ninja System! Created by Master Coach Erik “Esik” Melland, this multi-level, all encompassing system centers around Bodyweight and Steel Mace Training. From beginner to advanced, from regressing a certain movement to progressing it. Viking Ninja will bring out your full strength and conditioning potential both, as an athlete and coach.

Day 1 – Prep Day
Bodyweight Training (3 – 4hrs)
All the Viking Ninja movements and methods stem from bodyweight. Learn technique and cues on beginner VKNJA movements (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull). Participants will learn technique, cues and corrections for VKNJA bodyweight training basics.

Steel Mace Training (3 – 4hrs)
Each VKNJA steel mace movement is broken down showing proper technique, cues and the necessary corrections needed to be successful wherever your fitness takes you. Criteria such as landmarks, grip placement, posture and structure with mace will be covered.

Day 2 – Test Day (6 – 8 hrs)
With Day 1 complete, there is an understanding of what is needed and expected for the Test on Day 2. The movements will be reviewed, coaches/partners will be prepared for protocols and the information will be applied. After the final Test has concluded there will be a section focused on VKNJA programming, followed by Q&A and closing remarks.

Includes VKNJA shirt, detailed manual,  sponsored products/codes and more…