“There is no Incurable!” – a path to Health for Body and Soul

“There is no Incurable!” – a path to Health for Body and Soul

Speaker: Elisabeth Klaghofer, Vienna

As unlikely as it may sound to you, you, too will become a believer when you hear about these incredible healings, not just in the short film-but even in person!!!

Bruno Groening always said: “You don’t have to believe me-but you have the duty to convince yourself!” Even though the biggest skeptics have been proven wrong. Help for yourself, for a loved one, a pet or for a positive outcome of a difficult situation may be experienced.

In the 1950’s, Groening attracted worldwide media attention through his extraordinary healings. He taught that a divine power exists and is available to everyone, and that it can heal. The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends continues to pass on Bruno Groening’s teaching and show people how to absorb this divine healing energy which most people can already experience during the lecture. Healings keep occurring today and many thousands of people have recovered from all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, even those considered “incurable”.

We invite you to forward this information to colleagues, friends, or family members who might like to attend. Everybody is welcome. 

Local contact: elizahoward90@gmail.com 

Website: (720) 233-6303, bruno-groening.org

In May 2013, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends was awarded the Peace Pole at the United Nations Tillman Chapel by the World Peace Prayer Society for its contribution to world peace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ehdmvmthmo

MS healed from watching the Documentary Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ehdmvmthmo

15 years documentary film “the phenomenon Bruno Groening”… a success story – YouTube. A unique success story: The documentary film, “The Phenomenon Bruno Groening” celebrates its 15 year anniversary.