Spruce Farm & Fish | Wine Club – Wines of Lodi

Spruce Farm & Fish | Wine Club – Wines of Lodi

Join us at Spruce Farm & Fish for our October wine club tasting, featuring the Wines of Lodi, on Wednesday, October 9th, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM!

Featuring 4 wines from the Michael David Winery expertely paired with appetizer tasters from our executive chef.

  • Freakshow Chardonnay

  • Freakshow Zinfandel

  • Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Inkblot Cabernet Franc

Wine tastings are every second Wednesday of the month at Spruce. Receive a complimentary Wine Club Membership when you attend a wine tasting.

Membership includes:
20% off dinner the night of the event
40% off all wines by the bottle* (Sun-Thurs)
10% off all glasses of wine*
10% off dinner*

*Benefits are good for one month after attending a tasting.