Radical Listening: Transformative Compassionate Presence

Radical Listening: Transformative Compassionate Presence

You may have heard of Radical Honesty, but what about Radical Listening? What if the way you listened to yourself and others could open up new worlds? What if it could bring you to a deeper understanding of both the universality of the human condition, and the uniqueness of how life expresses itself through you and others?

In this dynamic workshop, we’ll practice interactive conversations and activities to:
* Increase our compassion for ourselves and others
* explore our universal, precious human needs / values
* receive empathy about something that matters to us
* identify habitual ways of listening that block connection
* enhance our practice of empathetic listening, discovering what really matters to ourselves and another human being

Listening through empathy empowers people by helping us to know what matters; this opens the door to wider possibilities to meet our needs. We’ll contrast ways of listening that divide and shrink our world with ways that expand the possibilities. We’ll practice deep listening into that expansive space.

This work draws from Compassionate Empowered Communication, based on Nonviolent Communication ©

Investment: $35

Please arrive by 2:45 to register.

A snapshot of key concepts for this workshop:

Self – empathy is a way of connecting with our life energy in order to understand and be present with it, in a compassionate, open way. We get in touch with our feelings and needs to guide us into presence and appropriate action. This gentle attention often opens the door for healing and movement of the energy, sometimes mourning, or deep celebration and gratitude.

Empathy with others is the process of listening deeply, connecting with someone, and sometimes asking questions with a gentle, open presence, to invite them deeper into their understanding of themselves, or others. In empathy we keep the focus on the speaker, following where they lead. This process often leads to relief of difficult emotions, less tension in the body, companionship through challenges, and greater clarity about how to proceed.