Peering into the Storms with Weather Radars – Past, Present and Future

Peering into the Storms with Weather Radars – Past, Present and Future

The National Center for Atmospheric Research invites you to join us for the first lecture in the 2019 NCAR Explorer Series:

On March 30th, learn about how scientists observe storms using weather radars with NCAR Scientist Wen-Chau Lee.

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Our hands-on exhibits about weather, climate, and the Sun-Earth connection will be open for viewing before the talk (staff will be on hand to answer your questions)

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Talk by Wen-Chau Lee: “Peering into the Storms with Weather Radars- Past, Present and Future”

3:00 – 3:30 p.m. Questions & conversations

Talk Description:

Find out what’s going on inside high-impact and severe storms! NCAR Scientist Wen-Chau Lee is known for peering into these dangerous storms using weather radars. To probe inside the most violent storms on Earth, weather radars have been placed on the ground, mounted on trucks and ships, flown on aircraft and sent into space on satellites. Scientists have devised ways to observe and reveal storm structures in order to advance the knowledge and forecast of high-impact weather events. This has led to improved weather forecasts and public warnings to better protect life and property. In this talk, Lee reviews the history and advancement of weather radars and discusses how internal structures, microphysical characteristics, and rainfall from these storms can be revealed by weather radars.  Learn about what the future might hold for weather radars as a tool for scientific research and weather observations.

Live Webcam is available for this event:

Admission is free, however seating is limited. In order to ensure a seat in the lecture hall, please obtain a free Evenbrite ticket. Please let us know if you need sign language interpretation so that we can make those accomodations.

If there are no tickets remaining, we encourage you to sign up for an overflow ticket. It is very likely that those with overflow tickets will be able to see the talk in the main seminar room. If there is not enough room, we will provide another space where you will be able to watch a live feed of the talk.

Fore more information, visit the NCAR Explorer Series Website.