ORGANIC Agility Foundations – Denver, CO – Sept 2019

ORGANIC Agility Foundations – Denver, CO – Sept 2019

Overview of the ORGANIC agility Foundations class 

Regardless of your role and the organization you work for, things are always far more complex than they seem. 

  • How do you respond to constant change?

  • How do you adapt to a dynamic market?

  • How do you create sustainable change in your organization?

  • How do you manage your organization’s culture and leadership that have direct impact on operations?

Join us to find out more about ORGANIC agility, a coherent approach to enable organizational resilience. The ORGANIC agility Foundations course will help move you away from impossible plans and methods that do not work, create an acceptance of complexity and acquire the ability to manage change. 

Course Details

ORGANIC agility Foundations – Friday, September 6th

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***The ORGANIC agility Foundations course is a 1-day workshop that consists of two parts.***

Part 1  In the first part of the day you will understanding the context, reason for existence, and framework of ORGANIC agility. You will be introduced to the ORGANIC agility framework and the understanding that an organization acts as a living thing – composed of multiple complex parts with the ability to change and evolve – as opposed to a mechanical, engineered system.

We will cover the following

  • Discuss real-life challenges companies face and their place in the context of current market changes

  • Address ways in which organizations can protect themselves against the unpredictable

  • Understand the concept of resilience and the role organizational culture plays in achieving it

  • Learn the core principles of ORGANIC agility

Part 2 – This workshop is not just about creating knowledge, but it is also about seeing how things works in practice.

The second part of the workshop is an immersive, in-depth simulation that will take you through all of the ORGANIC agility principles, one by one. We will lead you through a model example that focuses on developing capabilities as well as visualizing how these principles can be applied to your own organization over time. This experience is designed to offer both the knowledge and a real-life example that can help you shift mindsets and prepare the groundwork for your organization to grow towards resilience.

Who Should Attend

The ORGANIC agility Foundations course is appropriate but not limited to strategic, organizational and operational leadership seeking a deep understanding of how ORGANIC agility can support their organization in dealing with complexity, agility, leadership, organizational culture and much more.

Regardless of the industry that you work in, you will gain a strong foundational knowledge of ORGANIC agility that can be applied to your organization.

About Course Trainers:

Richard Dolman

Richard Dolman is an Enterprise Agility Coach based in Denver, CO.  He works with executives, managers and teams to guide them toward sustainable growth and continuous improvement.  Richard is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), bringing over 15 years of dedicated Agile/Lean experience to help organizations learn and improve.  He has built an impressive consulting portfolio, over a 20+ year career, by aligning with like-minded professionals focused on raising the level of success for organizations through the direction and delivery of multimillion dollar projects, focusing on strategic, transformative initiatives.

Daniel Lynn

Daniel Lynn is an Agile Coach and Trainer with agile42 based out of the Denver area.  Daniel has spent nearly two decades in software and systems development and focused the last thirteen years working in and with agile development teams to build solid technical practices and greater alignment between business groups and development teams. Daniel is Scrum Alliance certified CTC (Certified Team Coach) and has spoken at multiple Global Agile conferences.


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