Male Mental Health: A Crisis in Public Health

Male Mental Health: A Crisis in Public Health

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to male mental health disparities and their consequences. We are in the midst of what many are calling a male mental health crisis as evidenced by alarmingly high rates of suicide, addiction and overdose fatalities, violence, victimization and incarceration. More than problems unto themselves, these are often symptoms of a deeper problem. Moreover, poor and untreated male mental health does not harm men alone, but children, women, families, communities and all of society.

This presentation will provide information on the challenges men experience pertaining to mental health, the societal impacts, the need for a societal response and several efforts underway in Colorado which are attempting to create this response.

About the Presenter – Jason Vitello

Jason Vitello is the Behavioral Health Coordinator at Denver Public Health, a facilitator of the Family Leadership Training Institute in Denver Five Points, a member of the East5ide Unified Leadership Council and an adjunct professor and member of the Advisory Council on Racial Diversity at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. He is a national speaker on social justice, health equity, adversity and resilience, critical race theory, collective impact, mental health, father engagement and conscious masculinity. As the Director of Health Equity for the Colorado Public Health Association he chairs a cross sector coalition dedicated to the advancement of health equity education and advocacy across the state.

Prior to his career in Public Health, Jason was a social worker and therapist who provided advocacy, mentorship, case management and clinical services to specialized and general populations. Jason has performed these interventions at the individual, family, and community levels in multiple settings from small non-profits to county and federal level systems. It should be noted that before he was ever a provider of human services or family assistance – he was a recipient of them.

His ultimate interest is in the betterment of the human condition through fierce compassion, difficult conversations, collaboration across struggles, the peaceful obliteration of structural inequalities and comprehensive paradigm transformation.

Lunch will be graciously provided by Foundry Treatment Center. 

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