KyndKit Event: Create a Dignity Bag for the Homeless

KyndKit Event: Create a Dignity Bag for the Homeless

Project Helping organizes volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact — both on you and your community. Through volunteering, you can actively invest in your communities while also reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness. We create opportunities for you to practice kyndfulness!


We will be creating dignity bags for you to take, and give to someone who is experiencing homelessness. The kit will only take between 30-45 minutes to make. Already in the kit will be: socks, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, chapstick, and soap.



Why Volunteer?

Through the act of volunteering, you are actively investing in your community while also improving your mental wellness! Volunteering is proven to have numerous health benefits including improved mood, feeling healthier, increased sense of purpose and reducing stress levels. Volunteering can also give us a deep sense of happiness, both immediately and long-term.

* 94% of people who volunteer say that volunteering improves their mood.
* 96% of people who volunteer say that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose.

This is just some of the science that supports our mission and outlines why it’s so beneficial to do good things for others. We call that practicing Kyndfulness. #BeKyndBeWell

Do these volunteer events require special skills?

There are no specific skills needed for our volunteer experiences. But we do consider willingness to help others a very special skill and since you’re reading this, you already have that one!

Are there age requirements for volunteering?

Minimum age varies depending on the volunteer experience! Visit to find an event and verify the minimum age before registration. 

ALL THE DETAILS: Where to meet and park? What to wear and bring? What is the agenda for the day?

All of the details for each event are included in the event listing. We’ll also send a reminder email and a text a few days before the event!

Questions? Email Project Helping at or call 303-551-0624.