Keep and Grow your Wealth Workshop

Keep and Grow your Wealth Workshop

This is a FREE wealth building workshop designed to uncover what our  k-12 education, and for some of us our higher education, did not teach us about building wealth and becoming financially free.

There are many ways to make money besides having a job, and the number one way being real estate investing. Go ahead, take a look at the top 3% income earners in America, what do they all have in common? Real Estate.

Join us for a 2 hour presentation that will meet you where you are and show you where you can be. There will be professional networking before and after the workshop where you will have the opportunity to meet seasoned real estate investors, young real estate investors and like minded individuals.

Some things you may learn at this event…

-how to pay off your debt in a fraction of the time

-how to leverage debt for real estate investing the educated way

-how to use the updated laws to your advantage

-how to start building your real estate business 

-how to make your money work for you

YOU CAN do this, YOU CAN do this full time,  YOU CAN create a legacy

This FREE event is made for you If….. You want to learn how to preserve the money you already have and if you want to learn how to exponentially make even more money.  Sharing is caring so please bring your spouse, your roommate, your coworkers or your best friends to learn the good news!

Join the journey to financial freedom today (worst case scenario; you hate the ideas we bring to the market and you go home with a few new jokes). See you there!

Please RSVP with the event host to ensure a seat is available for you and any guests you bring.