July – Women, Time and Money – Happy Hour

July –  Women, Time and Money – Happy Hour

Women, Time and Money – Happy Hour

Life is the topic – Money is the tool –  let’s talk about everything

Women have more money – and power – than ever before. So why are we still so conflicted, and unsure, of what or how to deal with it?

What do you want from your money?

More of it, sure. But even women who are making more than ever are still not comfortable with or confident about their money. So, What do you really want?

Independence. Choices. The knowledge that it will last as long – if no longer – than you do. And, oh yeas, less stress.. much less stress.

Come and join us at our monthly Money Happy Hour discussions and one-on-one conversations and dive deep and candid about the one subject we still never talk about: Money

This is for you if you are looking to:

  • Invest with more Confidence

  • Get paid what your are worth

  • Understand why you are the way you are with money

  • Buy real estate

  • Or simply take a little more joey in how you use your money.

Money Happy hours is a gathering of 8 to 12 women of different ages, professions and perspectives in the room with the express purpose of talking about money.

Ground rules:

  • What happens in the Happy Hour stays in the Happy Hour

  • This is a judgment free zone – no shame, no blame

  • Enjoy!

It’s exciting. It’s Empowering. It’s a little bit scary. But if you start giving yourself over to the experience, the result is that you end up wanting more.

More than ever before, we are mindful of the fact that we can, intentionally, use our financial resources to create the world we want to create – and not just for us, but for our spouses, our family, and friends, and the causes we want to support.