You are invited to participate in our first hand’s-on workshop this Sunday, March 17th, from 2-4 p.m.

Per the Survey Results, at this inaugural event, we will explore:

>> Soil prep and seed selection.

>> How to plan and design a garden that will thrive. 

>> What to plant when in Colorado’s Front Range climate & crop selection considerations. 

>> If you plan to come, it would be helpful if you would come with a diagram of your yard, with exposures indicated, so that we can provide advice on what is likely to grow well where. 

At this workshop, we will also talk a bit about plans for the CSA Member Garden. It became clear as we read through survey results that people were interpreting the garden as a “volunteer” activity. To clarify: Our aim with this garden is for it to be a learning space where CSA members and their family and friends can come on CSA pickup days to experience what we grow and how we grow at Thomas Open Space without having to wait for tours of the farm. If working in this garden and coming to harvest from it sounds like an exciting opportunity to 10 or more of you, we’ll be a go. If not, we’ll take our lessons to our fields. It’s up to you all! 

How Sunday’s workshop plays out will depend on how many people of what ages register. For now, we are planning on an all-ages presentation about the above from 2-3:30; then, at about 3 or so, if there are a lot of kids present, we will break off and do a kid-centric pot-making/seed-planting activity.

Please register ASAP so that we know how many adults and kids to expect. 

Thanks so much for making our community the collaborative one it is!