Health workers of Moscow received financial assistance from the SRO bookmakers

SRO bookmakers maintains the status of socially responsible business and has sent gratuitous aid Moscow health workers to deal with COVID-19.

 According to the statement of SRO “The association of bookmakers’, recently the organization has supported the medical branch of the Russian Federation and the relevant agencies of the Moscow Health Department for free use provided the equipment for the continuous monitoring of patients, devices and kits for respiratory support for patients diagnosed COVID-19, X-ray machines, resuscitation equipment and personal protective equipment.

 By the way, we wrote earlier that the first SROs appealed to Russian authorities to help stabilize the situation in the industry.

 The head of the CPO BK Darina Denisov, recalling the importance of all market participants to come together to overcome the crisis, also said that the organization is committed to helping health workers in the fight against coronavirus.

 It is known that members of the betting industry, working in Russia legally, regularly provide material support for professional and youth sport. At present, the main representatives of the betting industry are aware of how important it is now to comply with the established social distancing measures in this regard, assist health care workers.

 Recall, the consequences of coronavirus returned relevance number of marketing trends in the betting market.

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