Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training for Beginners

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training for Beginners

Are you not sure if your business could benefit from search engine optimization (SEO)? If you’re looking to have a competitive advantage, gain more leads from your website, create brand awareness, and ultimately achieve more sales, SEO could be instrumental in achieving these goals.

In this complimentary 90-minute digital marketing and SEO training class, attendees will be introduced to some of the most important strategies and tactics required to get a website to rank at the top of Google and other search engines.

Search engine optimization is not rocket science but many businesses struggle, or simply don’t know how to implement a successful online marketing strategy that will yield results for years to come. Digital marketing expert Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing will share tested and proven SEO tactics and concepts that have helped local, national and international companies dramatically improve lead generation and sales from their websites.


Class attendees will be introduced to the “5 Pillars of SEO” methodology. Chris will share agency approved concepts and strategies, including:

– The basics of SEO and how the major search engines work
– Keyword research for SEO: Learn ways to discover the keywords that will drive high-quality organic search traffic to your website
– On-page optimization: Learn how to optimize every page of your website, including Meta Tags, Image Tags, Alt Tags, content optimization, URL structure and more
– An introduction to off-page optimization: Learn how to take advantage of websites such as LinkedIn,, and Google My Business as part of your overall SEO strategy
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Who Should Attend this Class?

Chris applies his research and Google approved online marketing principles to any sized businesses so that it can be replicated over and over. This training is a great fit for:

– Marketing and business professionals interested in learning how to increase their company’s online visibility and boost sales from their digital marketing efforts

– Business owners in charge of their own online marketing efforts

– And anyone wanting to refresh their online marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing knowledge

What Is Required To Attend The Workshop?

There are no requirements to attend the workshop and you don’t need to have a technical background or prior SEO knowledge. Familiarity with Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console would be beneficial but not required.

About the Presenter

Chris Raulf is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique SEO agency located in beautiful Denver and Boulder, Colorado, as well as in London, UK. Chris and his team assist local, national and international clients with all of their online marketing consulting and training needs.

Chris brings 2+ decades of hands-on digital marketing experience to the table. He’s a multilingual and international SEO expert and he frequently speaks at conferences and Universities around the globe. Find and connect with Chris on LinkedIn.