Amare Global Fall Heart Tour, Denver 2019

Amare Global Fall Heart Tour, Denver 2019

Amare Global Fall Heart Tour, Denver

This is the end of one-dimensional wellness. This is the beginning of true change in the world. Wellness isn’t just physical. It isn’t isolated. Wellness is interconnected. Amare is the mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people. 


Amare is The Mental Wellness Company® because we improve and address all three brains (gut, brain and heart!) in a coordinated effort to achieve elevated mental health.* 


Join us this local event to find out more and see how you can take yourself to a higher level of mental and physical performance!  

Date: Saturday, October 26
Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Hilton Garden Inn Arvada Denver 

5455 Olde Wadsworth Blvd. 

Arvada, CO

Featured Speakers:

Shawn Talbott – Chief Scientific Officer and Founding Executive

Pat Hintze – Founding Wellness Partner

Join us to: 

  • LEARN the science and award-winning products 

  • DISCOVER innovative programs for mindfulness, nutrition, and movement 

  • NETWORK with wholehearted people in our community 

  • EXPERIENCE personal growth and optimal mental wellness 

  • GROW your financial wellness through our unique business model 


We can’t wait to see you!  

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